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Features of Woltmann Water Meter


The woltmann water meter, as an outstanding representative of the speed water meter, has a series of eye-catching characteristics. First of all, it exhibits excellent flow capacity in large-diameter pipelines and can withstand large flows while maintaining low pressure loss, which significantly improves the transmission efficiency of water flow.

Secondly, the woltmann water meter shows extremely high accuracy in measurement and has a wide measuring range. Whether it is a large flow or a small flow, it can accurately measure and meet various practical needs.

In terms of structural design, the woltmann water meter is also excellent. Its reliable structural design, combined with the use of wear-resistant materials, ensures the stability and accuracy of the water meter in long-term use.

In terms of installation, the requirements for woltmann water meters are relatively simple, and the need for front and rear straight pipe sections is reduced, making it easier to install in a small space and providing greater convenience to users.

In addition, the woltmann water meter also has strong anti-fouling capabilities. The built-in stainless steel water filter effectively filters impurities, eliminating the cost of installing a separate filter. At the same time, its online detachable mechanism design also makes cleaning debris simple and convenient.

There are two types of woltmann water meters: horizontal woltmann type and vertical woltmann type. When the horizontal woltmann water meter works in a non-horizontal state, although the measurement level will be slightly reduced, the vertical woltmann water meter is more suitable for different installation and use environments due to its excellent small flow performance and wider range ratio.

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