Our Products

Product Application

our products are used to measure the flow of water in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Residential Water Billing: Multi-jet water meters are commonly used in residential properties to measure the amount of water consumed by households. This data is then used for accurate billing by water utility companies.

Apartment Complexes and Condominiums: In multi-unit residential complexes, multi-jet water meters are installed to measure the water usage for individual units. This helps property managers allocate water expenses among residents fairly.
Commercial Buildings: Multi-jet water meters are installed in commercial buildings to measure water consumption for restrooms, kitchens, cooling systems, and other water-related processes. This enables businesses to monitor usage and control costs.

Industrial Facilities: Industries that require significant water usage, such as manufacturing plants and processing facilities, use woltmann flange water meters to monitor water consumption for cooling, cleaning, and production processes.

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