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The Difference Between Single Jet Water Meter and Multi Jet Water Meter


Single jet water meters have only one water inlet, which is the only path for water to pass through. If this water inlet is unfortunately blocked by impurities, the water meter will no longer be able to operate because it loses the input of water flow. In contrast, multi jet water meters have multiple water inlets that accept water flow simultaneously. Even if one of the water inlets is blocked by impurities, water can still enter through other unblocked channels, ensuring that the water meter can work continuously and stably.

In terms of overall performance, multi jet water meters are obviously better than single jet water meters, so they are more common in various application scenarios. However, it is worth noting that while multi jet water meters bring these advantages, their manufacturing costs are also relatively high. Single jet water meters are simple in structure and low in cost.

In the actual selection, we need to comprehensively consider a variety of factors, such as cost, application requirements, maintenance costs, etc., in order to choose the most suitable water meter. Whether it is a single jet water meter or a multi jet water meter, it has its unique advantages and applicable scenarios.

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