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​How to perform daily maintenance on water meters


Water meters are essential in home life. Pay attention to daily maintenance issues to avoid affecting home life. So how to perform daily maintenance work on water meters?

1. In winter, outdoor water pipes are easily affected by cold air and may burst. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to keep water pipes warm, such as wrapping unused blankets, cloth strips, and old clothes around the pipes, which can effectively prevent water pipes from breaking.

2. When the weather is relatively cold and below zero, necessary protective measures need to be taken for the pipelines. For example, at night, open the faucet in the indoor bathroom and place a large bucket under the faucet. This can not only prevent water wastage, but also maintain the flow of water in the water pipes and avoid freezing.

3. If no one lives there for a long time, the owner needs to turn off the indoor water meter before leaving. And drain away any remaining water in the pipes. In this way, the water you use after returning home will be safer and cleaner, and it will also prevent your pipes from freezing and cracking.

4. If the water meter or water pipe freezes and cracks due to improper maintenance, you need to contact a professional in time for processing. And when using the water meter on a daily basis, it is necessary to promptly check whether the water meter will operate normally and whether the sensitivity limit pointer will rotate to ensure normal counting.

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