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​What are the installation specifications for water meters?


The installation of water meter products must comply with relevant specifications and should be easy to maintain and read. What else should we pay attention to during the installation process?

Inspection valves should be installed before and after the water meter and on the bypass pipe. Drainage devices should be installed on the water meter and valves behind the meter. In order to reduce head loss and ensure linear flow of water in the pipe in front of the meter, gate valves should be used for the maintenance valves in front of the meter. For household water meters in residential buildings, there is no need to install maintenance valves and drainage devices behind the meters. When the water meter may reverse, affecting measurement and damaging the water meter, a check valve should be installed behind the water meter. The installation requirements for hot and cold water meters are basically the same except for the different operating temperatures.

At the front of the screw-wing water meter, there should be a straight pipe 8-10 times the nominal diameter of the water meter. For other types of water meters, there should be a straight pipe of no less than 300mm before and after the water meter. For horizontal screw-wing and volumetric water meters, the level and length of the water meter can be determined according to the actual situation. Inclined or vertical installation; when installed vertically, the water flow direction needs to be from bottom to top.

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